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MedNexus MedNexus  

I was asked to try a new site for patients called MedNexus to research medical information.

I was excited to hear that there was a site for those of us looking for reliable medical information.  I remember when I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia that I was a mad woman searching the internet for anything and everything about fibro and the “evil sidekicks” that it likes to bring along. I had no problem finding articles. The problem was that there was so much contradiction about diagnosis, treatment, management and more.

Currently there are approx. 10 million people in the United States living with fibromyalgia. They do not have the luxoury of being friends with some of the experts in the area of chronic pain and fibromyalgia who have helped me know where to look for legit information.

A site like MedNexus is needed for not just those people looking for medical information on fibromyalgia but for all medical conditions. MedNexus states that it is a medical search engine for patients – think “Google for Medicine”. They “believe having access to the right medical information can change someone’s life”.

So how easy is it to use?

The search was very simple to do. I simply typed in the word fibromyalgia in the search box. The search showed 3262 results. It is divided into the following categories;

  • Health Topics
  • Published Research
  • Ongoing Clinical Trials
  • Forum Discussions

Another search option is located on the front page giving you the option to choose Diagnosis, Treatment, Management and Rick Factors which will give you detailed information regarding those topics.

I am personally affiliated with 3 national groups that focus on chronic pain and fibromyalgia so I was curious as to how they decide what information to post because even though they do have a lot of great information I saw a few areas that could use improvement.

So, I decided to ask  Kevin Ann, PhD/Co-Founder & CTO of MedNexus “How they do decide what information to post?”
He told me that “At the moment, we are mainly using government sites and well-known patient organizations for the health info pages. We plan to include more sites and index more content in the coming weeks, with more input from users and advocates like yourself. As for journal articles, we pull from the top few percent of journals for the published research. For the forums, we’re pulling from a core group of the highest traffic forums.”
I believe that this site is going to be a great search engine for anyone wanting to research medical information. I have bookmarked their site and am looking forward to watching them grow and develop it.



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