Hummingbird Vital Motion

I was given the opportunity to try the Hummingbird device in exchange for writing this review.

What is it?

The Hummingbird is a medical therapeutic device manufactured in the United States by Vital Motion. It is small and light making it easy to transport and the instructions could not be any simpler. You simply sit in a chair placing the heels of your feet on the floor and rest the front of both feet on the Hummingbird.

Tap the Start button to activate the stimulation time. “It can be used while performing other activities such as eating, reading a newspaper or book, watching television or working at your desk. It’s size allows it to be conveniently used under a desk, table, in front of your favorite chair, or in the passenger seat of a car.”

The Hummingbird operates by using low amplitude, low-frequency physical massage therapy causing muscles in each calf to pump blood and fluid from the lower leg back to the heart. This improves circulation of the blood throughout the body and to the brain.

My Experience

I was told that it would alleviate the muscle aches, pain, fatigue, and related symptoms associated with fibromyalgia and other chronic health conditions.

I have been using the Hummingbird for over a month and I have been very surprised at the results. I found it very easy to use. The convenience of not having to remove either my shoes or socks is great for using in locations other than my living room. I initially started using the device twice a day for 10 minute sessions. After a few days, I increased the sessions to 30 minutes and the stimulation level to 40.

I experience nightly leg pain that wakes me several times a night causing me to apply either an ice pack. The first thing I noticed after a few weeks was the reduction in nightly leg pain. I found myself not having to use the ice packs as often. Waking less often gives my body the opportunity to rest more leading to feeling less fatigued. It is my hope that continued use of the Hummingbird will lead to what others who have used it have discovered. Others who have used the device has said, “The Hummingbird has improved my sleep, energy and mental clarity. A device as easy to use as the Hummingbird that offers the chance to decrease my “brain fog” is worth continuing to use.

READ the Label

You need to have an Android or Apple smartphone to control the stimulation time and stimulation level. They are working on a remote control for the Hummingbird but it is not available yet.

As with any medical device you need to read the label. It is not recommended that people high blood pressure or a history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) use the Hummingbird. In addition, anyone who has undergone any surgery in the last 3 months, has implants, pacemaker, or is pregnant should consult their physician prior to using the Hummingbird.

Give it a Try!

Hummingbird offers a risk-free 30 day trial period. Use code “Fibrowarriors” and you will receive free shipping. Please visit Vital Motion for more information.

Theraspecs… In search of the perfect pair of Specs


I sat down at my laptop to begin writing this review. I don’t know why, but I always forget that shortly after using a computer, spending time in fluorescent lighting, or driving at night I will experience eye strain, pain, and most likely a headache, or even a migraine.

I have Photophobia. “Photophobia which is a medical condition where bright lights hurt your eyes.

I do spend a lot of time in fluorescent lighting, and on a computer. My eyes are affected not only by the indoor artificial light; but, by sunlight, car lights, and lights while driving at night.

I find myself squinting or closing my eyes all the time. Photophobia causes eye strain, discomfort, and pain even in low light. For me, it often leads to headaches, and more times than not migraines(pain, nausea and dizziness).

I have been on a mission for several years for the perfect pair of specs.

I have used a variety of tinted sunglasses while indoors, but it began to bother me that they didn’t look like normal glasses; and, they were too dark to use at night. So, I ordered a pair of custom made tinted transitional glasses with no prescription. They were very expensive; but, they at least looked normal, and I could use them at night while driving. I was happy that they did help during the day to reduce the migraines. But, my eyes would still ache; and, I was still getting headaches at night while watching TV or while on the computer.

My next purchase was a pair of inexpensive orange tinted wraparound glasses that were effective at reducing the blue light, but they looked like safety glasses.

I was then offered a pair of glasses from another company to test out and review. I loved the look. They used a rose tinted glass, and looked like normal glasses. The only downfall was that they still cost quite a bit of money and were a bit heavy.

I thought I had found what was going to be the closest to perfect pair of glasses for me.

Disclosure: “I have been given TheraSpecs Indoor Migraine Glasses as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by either company.”

A few months later I was given the chance to try a pair of glasses by TheraSpecs.

I did some research on TheraSpecs before they arrived. They offer both Indoor and Outdoor glasses. They are made with lightweight materials for minimum pressure, silicone nose pads, and adjustable earpieces.

Their indoor lenses are lightly tinted and offer protection and relief from computers and artificial lighting. Their outdoor lenses have a dark tint like sunglasses. They are polarized to block bright sunlight and reflected night glare.

“TheraSpecs are thoughtfully designed to reduce pressure on the head and are durable for all-day wear. Available in an array of styles, they come with indoor or outdoor lenses, which means whether you’re looking for migraine glasses, migraine sunglasses, computer glasses or glasses for fluorescent lighting, we have you covered.”

They offer a “Precision tint.” “Precision tint refers to a tint that has specific, known, and predictable light filtering properties. This is different than a typical tint where the specific filtering properties are unknown or vary with each application onto a lens. Using a precision tint with TheraSpecs ensures that each pair filters the correct light. Other glasses may appear to have a similar pinkish or reddish tint but not filter the specific waves of light that trigger or worsen problems like migraines, eyestrain, headaches, and exhaustion.”

“When worn regularly, our glasses can not only provide natural migraine relief, but also reduce the frequency of migraines for many. In fact, a clinical study of the light-filtering tint used in TheraSpecs showed that participants experienced, on average, 74 percent fewer attacks per month. But TheraSpecs are so much more than migraine glasses, they also decrease fluorescent light sensitivity, combat photophobia, and relieve headaches and eye pain.”

I was very excited to give these a try. TheraSpecs sent me their Haven Indoor model in classic tortoise shell. They look like a normal wire rim frame, but the lenses curve around your face similar to wrap sport glasses.

“The rim on Haven TheraSpecs is made of stainless steel which is stronger, lighter, and more adjustable than standard materials. To maximize adjustability and minimize pressure points, their temples are made of TR-90 aerospace plastic with adjustable tips and their nose pads are soft, flexible silicon on an articulated hinge. These materials also mean that Haven is also our lightest style yet!”

They arrived just in time for me to take on vacation which would give me a lot of opportunity to test them out in different settings and compare to my other glasses.

I really do like these glasses. One of the nice features are that they are much lighter than my other glasses. I have to admit that they have not been as good as my other pair of glasses while working on a computer; but, they have worked better for me while watching a movie or while wearing them outdoors on an overcast day.

TheraSpecs does guarantee a “no-hassle return.” “You can return undamaged TheraSpecs within 60 days of purchase for a full, fast, and courteous refund.”

I recommend going to the TheraSpecs website and giving them a try. If you are like me, anything that helps combat headaches and/or migraines is worth a 60 day trial.