Made it through the Flare Up!

Made it through the Flare Up!

My flare up started Sunday – March 13th – and lasted through the 18th. I went swimming Tuesday-Saturday (twice on most days). I started a new medication – Gabapentin/Neurontin. I spoke to several of my new “Fibro” Friends. They too were having issues last week due to the weather changing. On Sunday, I woke up with the start of the headache ~ and back spasms ~ I headed straight for the hot bath (with lavender) ~ I still woke up today with the normal stiffness but – It’s managable.
I saw a website with Fibro merchandise. The best one was a T-shirt that said “I have Fibro ~ Fibro doesn’t have me”.
Today is just so much better. Love these days.

Good Day

After having virtually no sleep for 4 days .. I called the Doctor yesterday and asked what else I can take for the pain. I was not wanting to go on prescription pain pills along with everything else I am already taking. I went to swimming before work yesterday, worked, ran my Daughter to her acting class, went to another swimming class, ran to get supper, picked up Daughter (ate in car), volleyball practice – off to pick up the new prescription – wait for volleyball to be over – home to bed.

I SLEPT!!!! – 8 whole hours – wonderful – I don’t know if the new meds were the reason or pure exhaustion.

I am now taking Neurontin (it is a low dose – 100 mg – 3 times a day). Only time will tell. I took a water class today that was meant for Fibromyalgia patients. They were so welcoming – talking about how long they have been diagnosed and attending water classes. I will be going every Friday. They showed me some new excercises to help with the numbness I am still experiencing in my hands. Pain is mild today. I am feeling so much better. I am now logging my symptoms and activities daily on an app for my phone and have joined two groups online. What wonderful opportunities there are now to share and support others in the same condition.

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