A Path Of Emotional Growth

A Path Of EmotionalGrowth

by; Clarissa Shepherd

So many of us have lost our place in society, due to illness.

Its a fact, that we feel left out, are out of touch, and isolated.

We may even find – we can’t keep up with the lives of family nor friends. 

We miss many daily events, leading us down a path of fewer and fewer invitations – thus leading us to more emotional pain.

We loose touch with current affairs, whats going on in our own community, and the world around us.

When communicating with others: we may feel, untethered, as if we no longer connect, or fit in.

Many times we feel trapped in illness, trapped in our body, and trapped in a world, which we can’t participant in.

Living far from where others roam: going to movies, taking trips, going out with friends, etc.

While others seek and find new friends, go on to collage, new careers, move to a new home, another city

 all because they choose to do so, we may not have the ability to make such choices.

Many times, our type of illness, becomes the decision maker for – when, where, and what we do.

This certainly is a difficult path and not easily traveled.

We may feel a heightened sense of emotions, such as :  anxiety, being on edge, tearfulness, or restlessness

 while living with the lack of the quiet peacefulness that we once knew. 

Only those of us who live in this type of world can relate to the loneliness and isolation of it all.

This effects us mind and body.

Living this way is not weakness – quit the opposite.

Its sheer – true bravery, held together by an unending courage.

The people who’ve lived a life of chronic illness, or shared a similar path – are those we seem to connect with. 

Due to illness, we learn new ways to exist, creative ways to live.

In this different type of life, we grow emotionally, due to our many challenges.

If a person doesn’t have this type of experience, they typically stay the same, on their emotional path.

The truth is, although adversity is not a road we would have chosen, it is one of growing – emotionally and spiritually.

Your light shines, even in the darkness, so cling to that truth.

You’re a true warrior on this journey, that is chronic illness.

Know that in this, you’re not alone – for many extraordinary people, are walking this same bold path.


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Photophobia? Axon Optics to the rescue!

bright light thru treeAxon Optics 


For years I have had attention drawn to me because I am always wearing sunglasses indoors & outdoors day and night.

Party too much? Trying to be cool? Hollywood?

What most of them didn’t know was the fluorescent lights (work & pool), computers (work & home) and when driving at night (street and car lights), the flickering light of the television and the glare from the snow not only cause me to squint or close my eyes but almost always lead to a headache or worse a migraine.

It is not uncommon for those of us with conditions such as fibromyalgia to have extreme light sensitivity (Photophobia). In addition to the condition being a possible cause some prescription medications used to treat these conditions list light sensitivity as a possible side effect.

I have tried all shades of sunglasses. I even had a custom tinted, transitional anti-glare pair of glasses made that were very expensive. They did help a little and at least they looked like normal glasses but they did not shield enough of the eye and I still experienced fatigued eyes and headaches. I purchased very inexpensive pair of orange tinted sunglasses.  They were very effective at reducing the blue light but they look like safety glasses. Not a good look!

I was told the same thing by doctors and those experiencing the same pain. I should avoid the TV, my computer and phone in the evening. Ha! That wasn’t going to happen!

Disclosure: I have been given this product as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by Axon Optics.


I was so happy when I was contacted in March by the Founder of Axon Optics offering me a free pair of their glasses in exchange for a review and sharing my thoughtaxon opticss and experiences with my readers.  “Axon Optics is an FL41 tinted eye glasses company to help those who suffer from migraines due to light related issues.” Ben Rollins

“Axon Optics is a high tech startup that was formed after a neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and ophthalmic entrepreneur got together during the summer of 2010 to help people with photosensitive migraine using the latest research performed at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye CeAxon Optics YALA - Therapeutic Eyewear for Migraine and Light Sensitivitynter.”

They were very profession and wanted to be sure that they sent the right pair for me. The representative asked several questions; “Do you have a prescription, what bothers you the most, which frame do you prefer, do you like indoor or outdoor tint and what are the measurements from my existing glasses?”


They arrivImage result for axon opticsed in a very nice hard protective case and I was very surprised at how nice they looked.  They sent me their Yala design which has a Mocha Latte colored frame and rose colored lens.

It was time to put them to the test. I have been using them for a month.  Before I used the Axon Optics glasses every day activities such as grocery shopping, going to the dentist, getting my hair done, blogging and driving at night that would cause such strain on my eyes leading to headaches that I would need to go home lay down in a dark room.

These glasses are fantastic!  The rest of my body may be fatigued and hurting after going grocery shopping, driving/riding at night and sitting for a long time in front of my computer blogging but my eyes no longer feel the strain.

I highly recommend Axon Optics if you are struggling with photophobia or migraines!




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