Phase ~ What?

I belong to several online support groups & pages.  It is getting easier for me to tell by the questions people ask what Phase they are in or how long they have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I like that no matter what phase we are in we can offer help to others.

By now, you are probably saying WTH is this girl talking about?  We haven’t seen anything about Phases.  Well, you are right.  It’s something that I have thought about for quite some time.  I believe that their are 4 phases that we hopefully will go through on our journey through Fibro land.   If we are lucky we will have the support from Family & Friends to reach and stay in Phase 4.

Phase I ~ Tests, Tests & More Tests

Every Fibromite reaches a point when we have to find out why we have been enduring the pain, headaches, depression, and exhaustion.  We undergo blood tests, body scans, and a long list of Doctor appointments.  After each test we hear the same thing from Doctors, Family & Friends that “It’s all in your head” & “There is nothing wrong with you”.

This phase can take years sometimes most of your life to get through Phase I.

After finally finding a Doctor willing to look at the whole picture ~ we are diagnosed.

Phase II ~ Acceptance

Once diagnosed we and the others around us need to accept the fact that the pain and tiredness we have been experiencing is never going away.  We have to accept the possibility of what other symptoms and evil sidekicks may develop.  Most importantly we need to accept that our lifestyle will need to change.  We may not be able to do everything that we want or have been doing.

Phase III ~ Education

We need to first educate ourselves.  The internet gives us access to unlimited information.  Personal blogs and online support groups allow opportunities to see you are not alone, to ask questions, get suggestions and ideas.  We need to do research – to keep looking for what might work in helping manage our symptoms/evil sidekicks.  Next, we need to educate those around us. We need to try and describe how we feel in ways that others will understand and what we need for them to do to help us not just daily but when we are experiencing a flare.

Phase IV ~ Living with Fibromyalgia

We should all strive to reach and stay in Phase 4.  Phase 4 to me means looking at life from a positive approach.  To be accepting of what I can and can’t do, that I will have good & bad days, that there will be some things I won’t be able to do and somethings I will have to do.  Also, I feel it means we choose to be as positive as possible.  We need to not give up, to continue to learn and try new forms of treatment, adjust activities and surroundings so that we can continue to Live life.

I am a Fibro Warrior – Living Life

Are you a man or mouse?

Are you a man or mouse?

We were instructed at my job this week to read the booklet – “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. If you have read the story this blog may make more sense to you.
I promise if you keep reading – it relates to “This is my live ~ Surviving Fibromyalgia”.
The opening states that sometimes we act like the 4 characters in the story.
The four characters show how they each react differently to change.
Change is the one thing that is inevitable. Our daily routine of going through the motions make us forget that life is constantly changing around us.
Our initial reaction to change is to resist it because we are afraid of the unknown. Then when change happens, we stress out and react or hide.
It is trying to teach us the following: “Quoted from Dr. Spencer Johnson”

  • Change Happens. They Keep Moving The Cheese
  • Anticipate Change. Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
  • Monitor Change. Smell the Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old.
  • Adapt To Change Quickly. The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese.
  • Change.Move With The Cheese
  • Enjoy Change.Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese

Keep reading – I’ll get there….
Our Employer’s told us to write how this story relates to us and our job.
I had several thoughts:
My smarty pants reply was ”Are they trying to tell me that there is better cheese out there and I should go look for a better and different job with more cheese?”
My written reply was that I have been faced with many work changes over the past few years and that though I am one that does not like change. I have learned to adapt and continue to look for new things that I can do to help my workplace.
I wanted to say that I have always been the Character that stayed put and watched the changes occur around him. I have stayed as I have watched good and bad policies come and go, watched both good and bad employee’s leave, seen friends move on to look for their new cheese. They were like Haw. They too were scared but excited with the new change. I stay because I don’t like change. Fear has been the driving factor most of my life. I like comfort.
I have moved a total of 2 times in my life. I have worked 2 jobs in the last 20 years. I will be at my current job for 19 years this June. It is safe to say that I don’t like change.
If you have not read “Who moved the Cheese”. I encourage you to go online and read it:
After you read the story – Ok… stick with me – Here it is… this really does relate to Fibro.
I could not tell them (my Employers) that while reading the story – I was internally screaming – “This guy is getting paid to write this “Inspirational” story”. While writing and re-writing this – I tried verbally to get my thoughts across. All that I could manage was tears while I was explaining it. I feel so strong about the last paragraph. So upset and frustrated at the hidden illness and struggle that is endured by so many. Don’t get me wrong – I understand the purpose of the story. The past 2 years of my life – I have had to work my way from being a person that resists all change like Hem to strive to being a mouse.
I like my other Fibro Friends have no choice. If we do not react like the mice (searching for something new – willing to adapt) then we will not only become like the Character Hem (not willing to change) but much more worse. We will end up not leaving our homes, we will be swallowed up in our pain and our depression. Fibro and it’s evil sidekicks love to surprise us all the time with new symptoms and new diagnosis. We have to live the story. We have to anticipate not only what could happen in a reaction to what we have done but what we have not done.
We have to be ready to change to not find our cheese but to SAVE OUR SPOONS.