August Link Party with “A Chronic Voice”

A Chronic Voice (Sheryl Chan) has begun a monthly link up party for those living with chronic illnesses. Click on A Chronic Voice to learn how you can participate.

Each month we are given 5 word prompts to write about. This months words are Missing, Appreciating, Striving, Releasing, and Eating.

What am I missing? I am missing my energy and being able to be a morning person. I loved having the energy to wake up early, do some housework, bake muffins/rolls for my daughter and start dinner all before going to work. I struggle with my low energy daily.

I appreciate that in spite of living with fibromyalgia and 19 additional “evil sidekicks” I have found the right combination of lifestyle changes medications, supplements and integratvie therapies to continue to work and be an active advocate.

I have one year until I am faced with empty nest syndrome. As my Daughter goes off to college I am striving to define who I am going to be when I grow up. LOL I want to continue to grow as an advocate and writer.

I have been releasing myself of negative feelings and objects that remind me of negative events. In a nutshell, I am cleaning house both literally and emotionally.

I am a stress eater. Not only am I am trying to lose the weight I put on when I loss my Grandma & my job but I am trying to eat healthier and remembering to keep myself hydrated.