Fibro Reality

I have been going to a YMCA type facility since early December and I have been taking up to 5 water classes a week. When I am there – the majority of Women are there so they looked good by swimsuit weather – they don’t need to know that I am there so I can walk the next day.
Today, I went to my consultation at a Therapy facility – there Everyone is there so thay can walk. I start a class on Friday that is specifically for Fibromyalgia patients. The pool was amazing (92 degrees) – the instructor very nice. The warmth was wonderful on my extremely sore and in major pain body. I was fine until I started to get dressed. I started to really look around at the facility. I started to cry. I began to see what could possibly be in my future. Everyone around me needed to have assistance in walking or if walking unassisted was noticeably slow and in pain. The locker room had lots of benches and chairs – no one was standing to get dressed/or/undressed. The shower rooms were large enough for wheel chairs, had chairs to sit in and had the long extended shower heads. It was just too much for me to see. I know that what I saw wasn’t a vision in a crystal ball – and that just because other’s have had this fate that it will be mine. It was just too “real” and the “real” part is – Fibro sucks.

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