4 paws or not 4 paws? …that is the question.

4 paws or not 4 paws? … that is the question.

In my former Fibro life, I was a Dog person, in order to really understand I have to start at the beginning. My husband of 15 months at the time wanted a hunting dog. I was raised a cat person. However, I knew how important it was to him. So I found an ad in the paper for a litter of Choc. Labs. We were there to get a big strong male puppy. The female runt of the litter was there to pick me. She kept running over to me. Needless to say, the females won and she came home with us. We had to stop by a store on the way home and get the needed supplies. We were so unprepared.
Here I was a Cat person – now with a Dog. It was decided that if we were going to have a dog, she would need training. We signed up for the local puppy class. That did it .. I was a changed person.
Our dog Mariah, met her best puppy friend – and I met my new best friend (Jan) and “partner in crime”. The puppy class turned into obedience. Following obedience – she had to go to hunting classes. After all that is why we got her to be his hunting dog.
I went to those classes and continued to take obedience classes, learned about Flyball (oh so fun), and Therapy Dog class. Finally, it had come to the point where my Husband wanted HIS hunting dog back and I had to get my own.
I had remarkable luck and fortune to know the right people at the time who hooked me up with the most wonderful breeder of Border Collies and a Star was born or rather a “Blazing Starr”.
The pattern continued.. Puppy classes, obedience classes, therapy dog, sheep herding, conformation, agility ( I stunk – she could have been great). My sister and I built basically the entire agility course. My entire back yard was a dog play yard. Jan and I took over the Flyball team. I was doing at least 4 days a week some kind of dog activity.
Even when our Daughter came along – I kept up the classes not as many but she tagged along to as many of them as she could and I continued to drag my husband along with me. By the time she entered 1st grade I just couldn’t keep the balance of being a working mom, wife, Girl Scout Leader, school volunteer along with my dog activities. So with great heartache and many tears I left my dog life entirely. I even gave up my dog friends with the exception of Jan. It had to be cold turkey.
We lost our Mariah first. She ended up with bone cancer. Our Starr died a year and a ½ ago. I wanted everything gone. I didn’t want any thing to remind me of her and what we had lost.
Here we are now… the present – Dogless.
A month ago – my family and Jan went to visit our dog friends at a Flyball tournament. I knew it was going to be one of the hardest things I would have done. Our Daughter walked in – seeing all the border collies and started to cry missing our Starr. I walked in seeing my former teammates and friendly rival teams. We watched the competition and our daughter helped out the team.
I referred to this visit as if I were a drug addict. Here I was in the back alley with everyone offering me a “hit” of my drug. Before I left I had 3 puppies offered to me. We had been invited back to other tournament.
Afterwards, I was asked by friends and family how my visit had gone. How do I describe it? It was terrible – it was terrific. It was awful and amazing.
Get a dog? Don’t get a dog? It is a well balanced see-saw. Level – waiting for something to be the deciding factor.
Isn’t that the same with anyone making a decision to get a pet? The time it takes to take care of them. Always being tied down – either having to take them with you or find someone to care for them. The expense. The mess.
No, it’s not the same. There are many other factors for me consider. Financially – I am spending more and more each year on medication/supplements. As for the time, I am just busy as every other working parent – the difference is I have to spend more time sleeping and swimming. Do I have the energy to get up with the new puppy like a new born? The walking, training, etc.. There are days that I don’t want to get out of my chair.
I have heard from both sides of the fence the reasons that I should or should not get a puppy.
How can you take care of a puppy when some days you can’t take care of yourself?
Remember how much joy and happiness a dog brings to you. How many times have you said what Starr could do for those in pain?
I have been looking at puppies available for the past month – totally torturing not only myself but my daughter.
I have reconnected with the wonderful woman that I got Starr from and she has helped fuel the fire. I even put the puppies pics as my wallpaper on my phone. I am sad to see the puppies that I have been following be placed in another’s home. I am also not sure if I am ready to take on the challenges of a new puppy.
When trying to explain to my Mom and Husband how much I miss my dog activities – I likened it to if they could never go fishing again. I made the choice to stop for all the right reasons – and I have to be the one to make the decision again.
If you are a dog person you will understand my following three recollections.
The joy of having your dog walk in a perfect heel looking up at you or doing a recall and they sit straight and jump around to the perfect sit at your side.
Taking your dog to a nursing home and watching while a Cancer patient who had been screaming in pain be calmed and comforted petting her.
Watching her race against a whippet – seeing her look over at the dog beating her – and she kicks it in for the win.
If you are a parent and not a dog person – think of the joy of seeing your child take their first step, losing their first tooth, being an honor roll student. That is the joy and excitement a dog can bring to you. The joy that Starr brought to me.
I recently read an article called Fibro and Fido – The Healing Power of Pets by Wendy Whittingham
She writes about the positive impact a dog can have on a person with Fibromyalgia. I encourage you to go to her link and read her article. It reminded me of exactly how I felt and what I have told others about having a dog.
I decided to search for any other articles on this topic. I actually put in the search for why a Fibromite should not get a dog. I couldn’t find any. I did find another wonderful article explaining the benefits of a Fibromyalgia Service Dog. http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Benefits-of-a-Fibromyalgia-Service-Dog&id=574549
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