A guilt pleasure

A guilty pleasure

My Counselor told me to start doing for myself – that I need to be healthy and happy if I am going to be “There” for anyone. So, with that being said – I slowly began to follow some of the important things – going to bed on time (even if everything is not done), eating (making food that I can have or should have), going to swim every day that is possible (despite the time away from home – or household chores), AND soaking up some artificial light at the tanning bed (costly but so relaxing) or taking a long hot bubble bath.
These are supposed to be my “guilty pleasures”. I supposed they are according to the dictionary. ”A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.”
But are they a guilty pleasure when you are doing them so that you can continue to enjoy life to the most that your body will allow. Are they a guilty pleasure or more of a task that must be done – no matter how tired, stiff or sore you are on that given day?
Maybe, for me – my guilty pleasure needs to be redefined. The few things that come to mind just seem like too much work or too tiring just thinking of them. I need to find something that is for me to enjoy but not because if I don’t I may not walk easily the next day. My to do list for me now will say – Enjoy something that you wanted to do just because…
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