A Simple Choice…not that Simple.

A Simple Choice… not that Simple.

I recently spent some time with a few friends. I always make sure not to mention Fibro when I am around one of them.
She told me a few months ago in her words, “Oh, I had Fibromyalgia once but when the stress was gone I got rid of it”.
My only comment to her at the time was “Really, you are the only person I have ever heard of that was able to get rid of it”.
At the time of our get together I was not in a flare up but I was not doing well either.
Not sure if it was the roads, the vehicle or her driving but it was a painful ride.
We arrived at our destination – an outdoor auditorium on a college ccampus. She parked the absolute farthest away. Her comment was “no one minds, we can all walk.
I kept silent.
We walked to the seating area that was landscaped with tall walls in a stadium seating design.
Everyone stepped up the 1st and 2nd big steps before putting down their chairs – I walked the long way to avoid the high steps.
My daughter carried my chair for me and was asked why she was carrying two.
I kept silent.
We were experiencing 100 degree temperatures, full sun, no shade, no wind and high humidity.
The perfect weather for a fibromite to be sitting outdoors in a camping chair for 3 hours (Sarcasm intended).
Not to mention I was going to be late taking my meds and getting to bed.
It all could have been avoided. It was my choice after all.
I could have said that I was in too much pain or it was too hot.
I could have said I can’t be out that late.
I could have told her I couldn’t walk that far without it causing more pain.
I could have driven myself so I could have left early.
All of those would have been honest easy answers.
Why is it we can’t tell people the truth? What are we trying to prove?
Is it that we don’t want people to think we can’t do things – that we are “disabled”?
So many of us suffer in silence trying to keep our jobs ~ or not to complain so much we annihilate our friends and families?
We have been taught our entire lives to think of others first.
The courtesy of thinking of others and not speaking up about what may seem very minor daily activities could result in days or weeks of debilitating pain.
This means I need to change how I make my choices.
I need to chose to do what I can to help ME!
I need to choose to speak up!
It really is that simple!
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