And the list goes on…..

And the list goes on…….

This post will be short since most of my thoughts.are garbled . I have.had.many experiences when starting.a.story my mind goes blank – mind reeling , its like a.tornado of words spinning in front of.your.eyes ,,, a few examples , did you.know the year is.2011,.i discovered.this after panicking because i.couldnt.find ,,my bank.statements for girl scouts. Frantic and upset that.if hadnt kept track finally asked what.year that i was still a good bookkeeper and frustrated.that i.didnt know.the.year . thoughts seem to escape more often ..i have.tried to get.others to.understand how it feels.but most old.age.
The list goes on because if keep making lots of lists to help me remember, and if have gotten better at changing topics or asking.questions to avoid me having to show that.if dont know . If was told if was over reacting.and too.sensitve to the.memory loss and its not everyone.has it. if that is.true.if want to.forget the stuttered comment “the the the “….. And the laugh that followed because i couldnt think.of the word -it was there could see it just wouldnt come out.
How hard for alzeimer patients – I pray they have understanding and patient friends, family and coworkers
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