Benefits of a technological memory…

Benefits of a technological memory….

Thank goodness for the Droid.. or any other electronic device that can improve my memory or at least help me fake it through the day.
On a clear day ~ when the fibro fog has not taken over my mind ~ I do fairly well. I might remember most of the things on my shopping list, remember where I parked the car, what printer I should use at work, and what after school activities we have planned.
I have a calendar (ya know – those old fashioned paper things) that I carry with me that lists all of the medical appt., after school activities etc. It helps me remember the daily stuff – usually keeps me from booking more than one thing at at time. I will eventually start using my Droid’s calendar for those things.
I have started using my phone for so many things. I use the memo pad to write down my shopping list (so I have it with me at all times and don’t forget it), where I parked the car, anything I verbally promise someone (I say email it or txt it to me). I use the alarm for more than just waking up. Heck, I can say I have an appt. in ten minutes somewhere – then forget about the appt. all together.
It proves to be a life saver. Keeping me from losing what part of my mind I have left.
Who knows what will happen when I forget how to use the cell or where I put it last?
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