Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

Can you judge a book by it’s cover?

Signs of an Invisible Syndrome
Chapter I. Blow drier & Closets
Chapter II. Clothes & Shoes
Chapter III. Shopping Carts & Parking Lots

Can you really judge a book by it’s cover?
Would you be able to tell by the shirt someone was wearing or the shoes they have on what kind of day they are having?
Most of us fibromites do not look like we have anything wrong with us. We forge through our busy days with forced smiles and once we are home you can see the real us – the toll that the day has taken on us.
Should we wear a sign? Do we apologize when our conditions affect other’s?
I don’t want Fibromyaglia to be the first thing people know about me but at times I feel like I have to be apologetic and explain why I am moving so slow, can’t reach low to pick something up or my thoughts are scrambled and the words won’t come out of my mouth.
During the day I run into so many obstacles that no one would know about unless told. The solutions are simple changes in our lives. So if so simple why do they mean so much to me?
The problem; It is too painful to stand and apply makeup and blow dry my hair. The solution; I sit on the toilet when drying my hair and applying makeup.
The problem; I couldn’t sort through my clothes on the top rod anymore. My shoulders and neck became to stiff and hurt. The solution; I put all my clothes on the bottom rod in the closet.
The problem; My balance is way off it isn’t possible to stand and put on clothes and shoes. Solution: I sit on the side of the bed to dress and the stairs to put on my shoes.
The problem; Recently I went to two different stores that required you to bag your own groceries. I couldn’t bag them fast enough before the next people in line were waiint to bag their items. The solution; None – I am slow I apologize again.
In addition, I use a cart for even a few items both for balance and the basket is too heavy to carry.
I park as close to the store as I can but still use the cart to get back to the car. I look at the signs close to the building. They read; Handicap, Elderly, and expeciting mother’s parking.
Where are the signs for us in pain?
The answer to the question – Can you judge a book by it’s cover? No – you have to look inside and read the book.

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