Eeny Meeny Miney Mo~Catch a Doctor by the toe

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo ~ Catch a Doctor by the toe

I am off to see the Wizard.. the wonderful wizard of FIBRO…

I am on my way in the morning to meet a Doctor. The only Rheumatologist I have seen is when I was diagnosed. I have been my own “pain specialist”. I have been studying everything related to Fibromyalgia every single day for the past 3 years.
Why do I need a “Fibro” doctor?
A few weeks ago, I scared myself. My dizziness and lightheadedness got so bad that I began to black out. In addition, my fog was the worst that I have experienced. After the MRI came back clear I felt lost. I knew it was just more Fibro crap but I need an answer.
I AM SO VERY TIRED ~ so they are sending me to a sleep study. Unless I am drugged – I don’t sleep. Even if I sleep, I am never rested ~ good news I can lay down without pain now (new bed).
I began to prepare for my appointment tomorrow; started writing my story. How long have I had symptoms? What are my diagnosis, medications, treatments, daily symptoms, etc?
I went online researching what to look for when looking for a Fibromyalgia Doctor. They give you these great questions to interview the Doctor to see if he/she will work for you.
How many FM patients have you treated? • Are you familiar with my other conditions? • What medications do you usually prescribe for fibromyalgia? Do you have a problem with prescribing the medications that I am taking? What is your policy on refills?, What do you feel is adequate pain control? • Can you treat depression or must I see a specialist?
• Are you familiar with alternative therapies? How do you feel about _______? Fill in any alternative therapies.
Considering there are not many Rheumatologists in my area willing to take on new patients ~ I really didn’t get to do much choosing. I found out that this Doctor would see me and I took the appt.
She either works or I am back on my own.
Another website listed the techniques to ask about managing your Fibromyalgia.
Medications √
Coping Techniques √
Sleep √
Exercise √
Changes at work √
Diet √
Complementary/Natural Treatments – Massage, Herb, Chiropractor, Acupuncture √
I know that this makes me sound like a know it all. I am not.
I have so much to learn. Every time you think you have it figured out – Fibro throws a twist, adds a new symptom, adjusts to the medications, or hits a flare that nothing you have tried before will make it stop.
I decided awhile back to accept that my life was going to change but that I was going to make the calls. Like any other Coach I needed a good team. I have a GP that prescribes my medications, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, my water therapy, support groups, and my writing.
I am tired of being the sole person in charge of my medical life. I like to think I am doing it right but I need some validation.
I started to get teary eyed about it. I felt so emotional. Am I really prepared to go through all of this again? What can a new Doctor do for me anyways? Am I just wasting more time and money?
The best advise I read when planning for tomorrow is;

Be realistic. Creating unrealistic standards and goals will set you up for disappointment.
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Looking forward to hearing your comments!