False Misrepresentation

False Misrepresentation

A while ago when my parents were visiting one of the Fibromyalgia commercials came on as I was asked “Why I was not on it?”. I have been asked that by others in the past. “What about the medicines advertised on TV?”
I replied NO WAY would I go on ****** – I heard too many bad things about the side effects for those who had been on it.
The people who advertise this product are so smart – the commercials are on at night when we are awake, not sleeping and in pain.. WE ARE WILLING TO TRY ANYTHING.
There are so many things that aggravate me about the Commercials. Aggravate is really a nice way of putting it. I want to throw something at the TV when they come on – I feel like SCREAMING – yet all I do is change the channel.
In the commercials the Fibromite describe Fibromyalgia as;

Being “tender to the touch”. Really?

I would love to describe my pain as “tender to the touch”. Everyone experiences the pain differently. It is a pain that causes you to ache all over. It can range from feeling like overworked muscles, sharp stabbing pains, muscle spasms, or the burning/aching feeling which feels like you have the flu. My “Trigger Points” hurt no matter what treatment I try.
Or how about;

“For several weeks I had this deep, unexplained pain” “I saw my doctor and he prescribed ******”.

Seriously, “several weeks” .. Have any of us been diagnosed that quickly?
It is diagnosed by ruling out conditions with similar symptoms to Fibromyalgia. In my own personal experience these tests took me a lot less time than some. Some Fibromites go through years of tests and non-believers before they receive a diagnosis. It comes down to trigger points, chronic fatigue, tenderness, non-restful sleep and “Fibro Fog“.
For me, First it was for exhaustion, insomnia, depression (SAD) and anxiety(GAD). Then onto a Dentist for TMJ. Chiropractors (DDD. Mild Scoliosis) & Doctors who sent me to Physical Therapist. Eventually, it was blood work and tests to rule out many other conditions. Then finally, a Rheumotolgist and Ta-Day – Fibromyalgia. Still, today I am going to more Doctors to figure out answers to new and exciting symptoms.

“My fibromyalgia muscle pain is real, but I’m not the type of person to just lie down and quit”.

No one wants to just lie down and quit. I admit I have days when I want to hide under my bed covers all day when my body is in such pain and the fog so bad.
It has been my experience that those Fibromites who are either no longer working or able to do their daily tasks their pain, Fog and other symptoms have gotten so far out of control that nothing works any more. Either medications stop working, they experience major side-effects, Insurance won’t pay for it or worse yet – no insurance at all.
These commercials mention pain as the symptom of Fibromyalgia. What about all of the other symptoms and “evil side-kicks” that we are so lucky to have along with the pain?

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Insomnia, Non-restful sleep
  • Stiffness when waking or after staying in one position for too long
  • Numbness
  • Fibro Fog, Difficulty concentrating and remembering
  • IBS, Migraines, TMJ
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Sensitivity to lights, smells, and sounds
  • Restless leg syndrome and more…
Next Commercial; “I felt just awful with my fibromyalgia before, not able to do every day things, etc.”

Yes, I have days that my hands won’t hold things, days that my balance is so far gone and dizziness makes me nearly black out when moving. The Fibro Fog days are the worst. When you can’t remember … There are so many days that I want to do nothing – I have a supportive Family that help gently push me through it. They know the days that I need to just hide under covers, have a good cry, sleep a few more hours and hit the pool in order to get through it.
On January 17th, 2012: The ad features a female Architect going to work on a very bright sunny day. She is smiling as she is getting ready, moving quickly getting in of her vehicle with ease.
Where is the morning stiffness, the sunglasses, the struggle getting in and out of the car?

What about how these Commercials have the Fibromites look and dress?

Yes, I can look and dress nice ~ but clothes hurt touching my skin. The less and lighter the fabric the better. I need sunglasses outdoors or tinted glasses indoors, I move slow, a lot of Fibromites have weight issues due to the combination of medications and the pain keeping us from exercising.
Yes – I understand they are trying to sell their product but I think the part that bothers me the most is it is as if they have found the Miracle Drug…

Take this product and it “calmed those nerves and how she is back to feeling much better”.

It takes more than one prescription; it takes prescription meds, supplements, healthy eating, good sleep patterns, exercise, support from family and friends and much more.

The ladies in the commercial are able to throw a dinner party, go on a walk, garden and happily go to work.

I can do all of those things too.
Yes, I can throw a heck of a party… and yes, I will go into a painful flare after the party is over. I will be so sore from the walk that my back and legs will hurt for days. I can garden. I need someone to help me get up off the ground and walk me indoors and yes, I can go to work after I have had an hour to get my body moving, taken my medications, had help getting in my car, adjusted my lumbar seating in my vehicle, and have donned my sunglasses.
I started writing this blog to point out how these commericals misrepresent Fibromites.
The commercials are enough of a turn off that if I was ever presented with it as a solution – I really don’t know if I could take it.
I want to be represented accurately. I want them to show us as we are;

  • All ages
  • Male and Female
  • All races
  • Struggling to get out of bed(physically and emotionally)
  • Getting through the day the best we can and then our bedtime routine to end up awake most of the night in pain and with insomnia.
Maybe those of us who are dealing with this daily should create our own Public Service Announcement.
Fibromyalgia — The Real Story.
While writing this blog I found myself not able to stop researching one particular medication and it’s side effects.
I was gathering more facts, hearing from those who have experienced the medication first hand. I think I have my next topic.
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Looking forward to hearing your comments!