Frickin easy

“Frickin easy”

I am in a long awful flare. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours each, night in the past two weeks. The symptoms are all at once. To add to one of my prescribed medicines is causing both excessive weight gain and has triggered a very depressive state. My mind is foggy. Its taking extreme concentration to participate in normal work conversations. Today, a few comments were made to or about me. I was doing a simple transaction in the computer. My co-worker said that I made it look so “frickin easy”. I thought… “if he only knew”.
The effort for me to keep on task, stay focused, so that I would not miss a step or do something backwards was straining me..which led to a migraine.
A question was posed about me today. They asked another co-worker if I was mad at them. My reply to a question was …crabby. I have been trying to fake how severe the pain has been and certainly don’t want them to know how the fog has rolled into town.
Oh. Yeah… a migraine. Why not add eye straining, head throbbing, upset dinner losing stomach to today’s activities. To make it better…sit on a cold hard floor while experiencing dinner the second time around makes the back and legs so easy to stand and walk.
That leads me to the next comment.. “mean and sarcastic”. I have made several comments the past few sleepless nights as I lie away in physical pain – my mind spinning just praying for sleep. I was told that I am “mean and sarcastic” when I am tired. At first I was offended by it – at first… then I thought “HECK YEAH”! – It has been 2 weeks of barely any sleep – increased pain – now a stomach emptying migraine. I think I can be “sarcastic” when told to “sleep” – WoW… Why didn’t I think of that idea? (sarcasm – yes).
I am going to call the Doctor today and see what pain meds can be given to help ease this flare – and maybe I won’t be up at 2 a.m. being “mean and sarcastic”. LOL!!!
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