Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home

A comment was made to me that maybe “being home” was why I was feeling better.
I actually think that may be right. When I am there – I have very little to do. The stresses usually include did I spend enough time with everyone, did I visit with any of my friends or relatives that I should have this time. There is never enough time to see everyone that I want to visit. I have to make sure that my Daughter is “listening” sufficiently for everyone else. Truly, that is about all I have to do when I am there.
For me, I get to spend time with my Family (which I don’t see very often), and most especially my Grandma. Even tho, visiting home can sometimes create stress – there is something to be said to being “home”. Not having to worry what is for dinner, did the laundry get done, cleaning the house, work issues, grocery shopping. My meals are made for me by either my Mom or my Grandma. My sister helps me with any “errands” I need to get done – so that life is less stressful at home. Any laundry that is taken down there or gets dirty while there – usually gets washed. I get to have time off from being housekeeper, wife, mom etc. I get to be daughter, sister, and friend. Visiting with my friends is always wonderful. These friends have known me my entire life (thru everything) – I know that each one of them would drop whatever was going on to help me and I would for them. It is just a bond that thankfully will always be there.
I took full medicine this weekend. It is the first time that I have had the maximum dose of everything. I finally slept very well on Saturday night.
So whether this flare up has run it’s course, I found the right meds or because I am home away from the reality of daily life …it has stopped.
I don’t really care why the flare up has subsided -I am just counting my blessings.
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