Invisible? Not to me!

Invisible? Not to me!

Arriving at work the other day my Manager greeted me with “you look like hell”, then proceeded to ask the following Migraine?, No Sleep?, Pain?, Been Crying?
My response – “yes”
On almost every Fibro site somewhere you will find a post, article, or item for sale that has the statement ~ “But you don’t look sick”.
Most weekdays for me that statement would be accurate.
Fibromyalgia is one of the Invisible Illnesses. I do my best every day to keep it “Invisible” as often as possible. (nice clothes, fun shoes, jewelry, make-up & a well practiced fake smile).

On this day, I looked the way I feel every day of my life.

So what’s the price of looking like we aren’t sick? For me it means a few altered daily items.

Clothing ~ I wear clothes that are made of soft, light fabric, preferably armless.
Shoes ~ It means that if I wear my “fun” shoes for more than one day – I will no doubt have a lower back ache or shooting pain down my one leg.
Jewelry ~ My jewelry even has started to aggravate my skin – it bothers my fingers to wear rings and my wrists to wear bracelets.

What you don’t see ….

. . . is after a restless, pain-filled night it takes 15 min. to an hour to get our stiff and achey body moving in the morning.
. . . is standing to brush our teeth or hair hurts.
. . . is that we either cried ourselves to sleep, cried our way to work or both.
. . . is that I take 20 prescribed meds & supplements on a good day (and I don’t take as many as most Fibromites)
. . . is that Fibromites have to watch what they eat.
. . . is that I see an acupuncturist and a chiroptractor to help me get through the month.
. . . is that every day we maybe experiencing any one of the following & more;
*light sensitivity leading to migraines
*difficulty sleeping
*fatigue/complete exhaustion
*depression/feeling so alone
*pain, bloating & gas from IBS
*allydonia; the feeling of skin feeling sunburned
*low grade fever/chills
*sitting (hurts), walking (hurts), standing (hurts), lying down (hurts)
. . . is that on most days it takes every ounce of effort to get out of bed and face the day.

How can we describe it to non-fibromites? Try remembering the last time you had the flu. Your body ached? You were exhausted? You couldn’t think clear? Your head pounded? You were emotional? Could you have gone to work with those symptoms? You probably would have called in sick.
I along with many other Fibromites – go to work every day with these symptoms.
These are our good days.
Fibromyalgia may be called an invisible illness but for 3 – 6 million people in the world it is very VISIBLE.

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