Leavin’ on a jet plane…

Leavin’ on a jet plane….

Ok – so yes, I do know when I will be back again. But I am still looking forward to the trip. I am going to Vail, Co. this Thursday to reunite with a friend from the past (the distant past). We have lots of fun activities planned (one of which includes~whitewater rafting). I have been warned by many family and friends that my body can not take the abuse of the trip. I just survived a week long flare up (mostly over) – and sitting in bleachers for 10 hours on Saturday. It took a lot of concentration and a lot of meds but I made it through. I am prepared for what it may be like – the stress of traveling – getting to all the right places at the right time, the uncomfortable seating, the physical activities, and not having all of my usual comfort aids.
But against all the possiblilities of what may make my body go into a flare. I am so very excited to go on this trip. I need this trip for a mental vacation. I hope to get to just relax and enjoy myself.
My packing dilema from the past has always been “How can I fit all my shoes in my suitcase” – Now, it is discouraging that the majority of my suitcase is having to go to space for meds, my heating and ice pad. Somehow, I don’t think my heated mattress pad and body pillow is going to fit. I am a very good packer but not that good.
One of my favorite sites is Healingwell.com – I am going to post there tonight for any travel suggestions. Never hurts to hear from other fibromites.
so .. for the next week – I will be humming – “Leavin’ on a jet plane… “ Love that song even more now.
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Looking forward to hearing your comments!