Lissa J .. MD

Lissa J… MD

Over the past year I can not even think of how many hours I have spent researching Fibro or any of the other “conditions” I have acquired. I have used the web to search for conditions or symptoms of… treatments for.. side affects of medications, reached out to websites such as, Fibro 360 and more. I have blanketed questions across the web asking for someone to help identify what was the reason I was having …. inserted many many symptoms here.
Who is the Doctor here? Isn’t this supposed to be my physcian’s job. Aren’t I supposed to be able to go into his/her office and say “Hey Doc, this is what is has been happening – what are my options?” Why do Fibro patients have to research their own treatments? I should attend Medical School – at least then I may have a chance to finance all of the vitamin supplements, prescription meds, club membership, chiropractor and doctor bills.
This week; I actually had researched the medication that is being prescribed most to help Fibro patients gain energy and lose weight. I have both the positive and the negative comments from those who have tried this drug.
The obvious answer is always “you need to sleep more”, “you need to change your eating habits and exercise”.
So this is where I go “really”… “I had not tried that”.
I do feel better when I sleep – to get real good sleep – I need to take meds – If I take meds – I need to be able to sleep 10-12 hours – If I sleep 10-12 hours – I would be late to work – and STILL BY 3 PM – I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP MY EYES OPEN.
Eating Habits – Yes – I can still change them – there is room for improvement in that area.
Exercise – I am exercising – not as often as I should maybe – but I am doing as much as I can at the moment. It is a mixed feeling doing the exercise – I usually feel better while I am doing it. But by the time I have sat in my car for my short drive home – I have begun to stiffen up and need to use Ice or Heat or both to get through the night.
I addressed a letter to my primary. I told him of my desire to increase my energy and decrease my weight. I included the information regarding the drug I had researched. I have an appt. with him to review my findings and discuss what if any treatment we can try. He is only a primary and not a “pain specialist”. I am anxious to see if I am heard. Truly heard or just given a bandaid.
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Looking forward to hearing your comments!