Morning’s…Not like they used to be.

Morning’s…. Not like they used to be.

I used to love mornings. I would awake at 5:00 a.m. In addition to getting ready for work – I would do the dishes, pick up the house, make a breakfast for home and work, and get supper started. I would be at work early – after getting a wonderful hot chai tea and would have all of my work done (coffee made for co-workers) and ready to go before 7 a.m.
Now – It takes me up to an hour some days to get
out of bed. I don’t do any housework – bake occasionally – supper is not started – It takes all of my strength to convince myself to get out of bed. The aches run from my headache to my feet. Most of all the lower legs – hips and back.
It is a mind over matter and giving myself the ability to let someone more capable then I am guide my life. Whether it will be yoga, meditation, or God… I need to approach each morning with openmind, open hands and open eyes.
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