Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach

It so easy to tell someone what you think they should be doing. I read posts from my fellow Fibromites all the time that are looking for advice on what to do. I comment on quite a few of them. I am proud of the fact that I have been researching so much on Fibro, it’s evil sidekicks and what to try to help during the times that they are acting up. I know that most people have tried all of the things that I have read – but sometimes we forget especially when we are in a deep flare.
Perfect example; Two weeks ago I had a flare. The fog had hit hard. I had really screwed things up. I missed a volleyball practice and missed paying a bill. I started to notice that words were not coming to me and started to panic. The first day – I was so sore and tired – I didn’t even make it to class. I went back to sleep for a while – took a hot bath and went to work. I cried the entire way there. I wanted to stay home – and be under the covers. I continued to do the normal activitites as painful as the day had been. I went to bed and hoped to sleep.
I didn’t. Instead the night was filled with trying to get comfortable. Trying to find a way to sleep. Trying to find a way to get the pain to subside – the migraine had come on with full strength.
That morning I got up – woke our daughter for
school – and instead of getting ready to go swim – crawled right back into bed. I called work and told them I would be late.
A 1/2 hour later when my husband came home from work he found me on the bed curled up in the fetal position hysterically crying. I couldn’t stop. I took some more tylenol, applied ice to my back and my forehead – and cried myself to sleep. I awoke 2 hours later – and was able to get out of bed and into a hot bath (with assistance). I made it to work by 10:oo (of course I cried all the way there).
How did I let this happen? I know that I can’t control when I get a flare but I know what to do when it arrives. Heck, I remind my Fibromite friends what to do when it happens.

  • Keep your sleep routine (I had been staying up to 9:30 – or later)
  • Excercise (I had been either busy or tired and had not been swimming)
  • Meditation (for lack of a better word) – When the mind starts spinning and the migraine arrives – remember Ice (on the forehead) , Breathe, Music, Aroma Baths
  • Talk to your fellow Fibromites – they can be the best shoulder in the world.
  • Put yourself first. (I tell others to do this – but really – how does a Mom do this?)

But, when it happens to you – you can’t think. Each person handles it differently – for me the Fog bothers me way more than the pain. The pain overtakes the ability to use common sense.
The next time I feel a flare coming on – I will remember – “Practice – what you preach”.

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