Sitting.. A challenge?

Sitting ….. A challenge?

I go to bed so very early….as the wind howls and.the sleet comes down I awake again.wth? Every night after sleeping two hours I am awake. Why? Pain! My heating pad turns off and the pain turns on. The challenge today is sitting – the easiest task to sit, but no. .I worked at a desk not my own today . I was constantly readjusting to be comfortable. The people there don’t know I have this problem and I like it that way-tho I missed the concern from my work family it was nice to be normal for a bit. I went to a volleyball practice tonight and to watch I had to sit on the gym floor. I stood almost panicked knowing getting down I could do but I was worried how will I get up and could I walk once up. The simple task of sitting now involves planning and consequences. I had a another good day. Tonight-hip pain and back spasms from a chair and the cement floor . Heating pad is back on….what is worse than sitting laying down. Off to dream!
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