Swept under the rug of Fibro…

Swept under the rug of Fibro…

I was like most Fibromites who struggled to get someone to believe them that there was something really wrong. First there was exhaustion, depression, anxiety, insomnia, body aches and pains. Results: Nothing found ~ It must be stress of dealing with the increased work load and a family crisis.
Next, I had a terrible jaw ache and migraines. After seeing a Dentist, a specialist, an Optometrist, a Chiropractor and having had an MRI I discovered that besides having TMJ there was “nothing wrong with me”.
After quite some time I finally couldn’t take it anymore sleepless painfilled days and nights. I went and saw a new much younger Doctor who not only was unaware of my medical history was willing to hear the laundry list of symptoms. Of course, that meant more tests but….
FINALLY, a diagnosis (more than one) Fibromyalgia, GAD & SAD.

YES! There was an answer – IT WAS NOT IN MY HEAD!!!!

I started reading every article, blog and online support group to gather as much information as I could. I would be silently reading and then start bluring out loud “This make so much sense”, or “I have this too”. It was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It all began to explain so much.
In addition I met a wonderful Chiropractor who specialized in treating Fibromyalgia patients.
Of course, that meant more tests and additional diagnosis ~

Degenerative Disc Disease and Mild Scoliosis.

Over the past two years I continued adding new symptoms.
Each time a new symptom presents itself I simply chalk it up to ~

“Another Fibro thing”
Have you recently looked at the list of Fibromyalgia symptoms and sidekicks;
(I am certain I am missing some symptoms) My current one’s are blue.

Pain Fatigue Night sweats Sleep Disturbance Parensthesia Depression Anxiety Subjective swelling of extremities Myofascial Pain Headaches/migraines IBS Severe PMS symptoms Morning stiffness Mild butterfly rash Hair Loss Sciatica Photo phobia Taste, Smell and hearing sensitivity Low Grade Fevers Restless leg syndrome TMJ Weight change Sensitive to Temperature extremes Cognitive Function problems ~ Brain Fog(Saying wrong words) TinnitusLow Body Temperature Restless leg syndrome Dry Mouth Low blood pressure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Poor balance & Coordination Easily Bruising Muscle spasms

Over the past two weeks I started experiencing some new symptoms. I began having hard to explain head pains, light headed, dizziness and my fog has become so strong it has started to scare me. I visited my parents recently and had an episode. After telling them about what was going on my Mom reminded me of the family history of brain anuerisms and made it known in no uncertain terms that I was to visit a Doctor.
This time – I listened to my Mom.
However, I went into it sure that all the Doctor was going to tell me was another symptom of Fibro.
Just as I thought – the Doctor is 90% certain that my new symptoms are Fibro related. However, to be on the safe side he has scheduled an MRI for this coming Thursday. Since seeing the Doctor last week I have experienced 2 black outs and an increase in the light headed/dizziness feeling.
Altho, I am still certain that it is all Fibro related… this has all led me to start wondering how do we differentiate between what is caused by Fibromyalgia and what is something new or more serious that we should see a Physician.
Do we begin to assume that any health issues that arise are caused by Fibro?
Are we causing ourselves harm and putting our own health at risk by dismissing indicators or signs that could be other ailments?
What about our Family & Friends? Do they become so accustomed to us “Complaining” that they begin to tune us out?
How often do we ignore new symptoms?

Are we just …Sweeping them under the Fibro rug?
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