Wanted: Fibromyalgia

Wanted: Fibromyalgia

For Official Use
Plaintiff: Melissa Swanson
Defendant(s) : Fibromyalgia, Sad, GAD, Degenerative disc disease, TMJ, ADD, Allydonia

Summons & Complaint: Theft/Larceny
(Defined as the taking of almost anything of value without the consent of the owner, with the intent to permanently deprive him/her of the value of the property taken).
Claim for money
Return of property (replevin)
Tort/Personal injury
To the Defendant(s): Fibromyalgia, Sad, GAD, Degenerative disc disease, TMJ, ADD, Allydonia
You are being sued as described on the attached complaint.
The plaintiff states the following claim against the defendant(s):
Brief statement of dates and facts: The defendant(s) have over a period of years caused the loss of restful nights, pain-free days & the ability to stay up late. The defendant has stolen from the Plaintiff the enjoyment of a pedicure, massage chairs, going to the movies, wearing high heels, sitting through concerts or sporting events. The monetary expense has not been calculated. The medications, Rheumatologist, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Supplements, Water therapy, Eye glasses (light sensitivity) and heating pads are a few of the expenses incurred.
In addition you have caused; constant Pain, Muscle Spasms, Fatigue, Morning stiffness, Paresthesia, Depression, Migraines, Weight changes, IBS, Severe PMS, Sub-Normal Temperature, Night Sweats, Sensitive to Temperature extremes, TMJ, Easy Bruising, Balance problems, Photo-phobia(intolerance of bright lights), Cognitive Function problems (Brain Fog): calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short term memory loss, frequently saying wrong words, and allydonia (burning pain, similar to bad sunburn).


Guilty as charged!

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