words escape me..no, really – they are gone.

words escape me.. no, really – they are gone.

During a fog, I was totally lost in thought. How do I describe what it is like? How does anyone understand unless they have had a fibro fog or maybe an early ahlezeimer/dementia patient.
I was trying to find a way of explaining.
One thought is that it is like you are drinking, on your way to drunk. When you feel like you can hear yourself talking outside of yourself.
Another thought – for me – my brain is like a pinball in a pinball machine. Thoughts bouncing from one spot to another – never staying still.
I know – a Jigsaw puzzle – it’s like having all pieces of on a table and some of them are upside down and turned sideways. Having all the pieces of a puzzle and trying to put them together without knowing what the picture is supposed to look like in the end.
During a fog .. words just vanish from the mind are gone.
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