I CAN TOO DO IT!!! Watch me!

During a conversatation with my Daughter the other day, we started out talking about shopping. She said she would rather go to the Mall with me but that she knew I couldn’t do that. I asked her “who said I can’t”. She said that it would hurt me too much to go. I agreed, but said that it was my decision not hers.

She said like going to the Dells. Well, I went to the Dells with them and even tried the surfing. Did it hurt afterwards? HECK YA!, but it was my choice.

I even reminded her we went to Florida last February. I didn’t let Fibro or it’s evil sidekicks stop me. It slowed me down – yes. But no one missed out on any of the fun.

It is bad enough that there are days that I have to turn people down on invites, leave a party early, or excuse myself from family visitors to go to bed on time.

I have accepted these things. But, I have also seen how my family has changed as to what we can do or more accuratley what I can do in an outing.

This should be something that makes me happy ~ right? Having others worry about me?

Especially, since I have so many Fibromite friends that are still struggling to get Family and Friends to understand the pain, exhaustion and frustration of having Fibromyalgia.

Every day I still see posts asking how to explain it to others, how to make others “see” the invisible “syndrome” and understand they are not “lazy” ~ they are in pain.

I KNOW I should be happy that I have such caring family and friends ~ that they understand (most of the time).

Yet, Here I am whining over the fact that they want me to take it easy, not over do it.

Some it I am sure is because I am (okay – I will admit it) Stubborn – “not letting anyone tell me what I can or can’t do”. That has been my thinking forever but before Fibro not always my actions.

But here I am telling the World (or at least the few of you reading this), that NO WAY am I going to allow others to decide what I can or can’t do because of my Health.

I do not have a fatal condition. I have an awful “syndrome” and 9 of it’s evil sidekicks that myself and others around me have to live with the rest of my life.

Even with that said.. My most repeated saying that I tell people is that I am LIVING my LIFE.

I AM IN CONTROL ~ Fibro might win a few rounds now and again but this is my Life and I plan on Living it.

I am a Fibromyalgia Warrior ~ Living Life

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Looking forward to hearing your comments!