I am not strong today.

I am writing an article in hopes that it makes the “cut” for a magazine on Fibro Awareness.  I re-write, re-read, etc.. I find myself this morning crying so hard.  Why?  Is it the tired, painful state I am in today? Is it the thought of others who have so far to get where I am.  I know what I have, I have done my fight for doctors and family know what I have is real. Is it because I am tired of everyday fighting with my own body and mind to get up out of bed every morning?  I have thought that I had accepted it, the reality, I am strong da@# it!  I have a facebook page, blog, support group. I am strong and I try to help others.   SO why the uncontrollable tears that can’t stop.  Because I am not strong today.  Today, it has been almost a week of a flare.  I am not strong today.  Thru these tears I will find strength. I will continue to spend hours at the computer finding strength in helping others.  Knowledge is power.  Tomorrow is another day.  Any other cliche’ to get me to stop crying and “see the silver lining”.  For the Sun will come up tomorrow..

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