Don’t just look ~ see!

Reposted from 04/03/2013

Today I went to a cell phone service store.  When I walked into the store there was already one person waiting in line.  I was able to lean up against a post for some support.  While waiting in line it’s impossible to not hear what the Employee’s are talking about with other Customer’s.

The one Employee started discussing a service problem with a female Customer in great details.  The other Employee commented softly that she really didn’t want to know all of the “details”.

I noticed the lady being helped placed her hand on her  hip/low back for a second.  I saw that slight twinge that appeared on her face for a second.  As the Employee said that he was going to try something else on her phone – the lady said “I’m just going to just sit over here” pointing to a bench just a short distance away.  He said to her “Naw, that’s ok – you can hang out here with me”.

I kept watching her.  She placed her hand again on her lower back.  I told the customer next to me that the lady over there is in pain.  “See how she keeps puttin her hand on her back” , “She’s hurting”.

The Employee kept working, got up and moved to another workstation leaving the woman waiting at the counter.

I knew the tell-tale signs.  I have done the shifting of legs while waiting in lines.  Trying to keep the pressure off of each one.  I have pushed my hand in my lower back trying to move some of the trigger points or to stop the shooting pain.

She would glance over to where there was a seat and back to the Employee who had not returned to her yet.

Thinking back the time really wasn’t all that long.  But for those of us who suffer from pain by just “being” ~ the time moves so very slowly for us when having to stand in lines.

I looked around the sales counter and saw they had benches in front of each of the stations.  The lady waiting was standing in a way that she could not see the bench around the corner.

It was emotionally painful for me to watch her.

I walked over to her, lightly touched her arm and asked “would you like to sit down?” showing her just around the counter the bench.

She nodded slightly saying “yes, thank you.”

I returned to where I had been waiting.  I turned around just at the time she was starting to sit down.

That is when I saw what we all feel.  She moved so very slowly, lowering herself to sit, eyes closing at the last-minute.

I wonder would I have ever noticed that before it became my life.

I was raised right by my parents.  I was taught to hold the door for the elderly or someone using crutches.  I was taught to have compassion for those in need.

She did not have a cast, wheelchair or anything outwardly that would make you believe she may need help.

I honestly do not think that I would have noticed her before…


I am a Fibro~ Warrior Living Life


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5 thoughts on “Don’t just look ~ see!”

  1. Thank  you for posting this, this is just what i feel like alot of days-and i am a nurse who went from being active on the floor to doing chart review and telephonic review- there is just so much leaning and sitting you can do. When you talked about the cell phone store it really hit home because that was me at our store-but by that ime i had learned to assert myself and point blank told the person i can’t stand for long (and i am fat so you know what kind of look i got) so if you want to work with me i will be sitting over there-and she came to me!  I have also learned to bring my fold up cane with me all the time-yes i have a knee that is going to get replaced but i can sometimes walk without it-i feel safer with it. My cane is blue and i will say me and ole blue here…..   the hitch is that my family does not get  why i don’t have energy some days- I live alone and the house is a flat out mess and it takes everything i have to do things and then i hear “you need to do  whatever they think i need to do” well drive 2 hours and come and help me please!  sorry- i didn’;t mean to drump on you   I may be nuts but for us with fibro and wearing out easily just bringing a cane makes a differnce people notice it-I use the fold up colored one-people do notice it and it was only about $25.00. and yes, i do use it in the house and between that and a reacher some days i can do lots! I also have one of those plastic bag holders to bring things in the house with and a wire rolling basket-now if i could just get the car cleared out!!!  LOL    thanks for listening Carole

    Blessings! Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains un awakened. Anatole France (1844-1924) Be a lighthouse for Christ! “If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under” Ronald Reagan    

  2. I love this one! Sounds like you are describing me exactly. We need writings like these to get in the public eye. Well done!

  3. So True! I’ve been there more times than I can count. Because I don’t “look” old or sick, it never occurs to most people that standing or walking can be painful. One of my “favorites” was when I walked into a huge Walmart and asked the cart lady if they had any of the motorized scooters. Without a care in the world, she informed me that they were at the entrance on the other side. Duh! If walking to the other side was so easy, I wouldn’t have been asking for a scooter. I currently have a handicapped tag for my car, but only use it when my “new” knee is really bothering me. Because I work VERY hard not to walk with a limp, I’ve gotten a number of nasty looks and horn honks for using that tag. People have no idea that you can’t always “see” pain.

  4. I had to retire because standing is painful. Walking is a chore. Sometimes all my thought processes are focused on moving one foot at a time. I am not officially diagnosed….I have enough of those, asthma, allergies, arthritis in all parts of my body, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerve, bone deformities due to arthritis, fighting off knee replacement, etc. I am fat and am told that I look like I am in my 30’s, which is not a blessing when I have trouble walking. My house is a mess. My family, when they visit, tell me I need to work on it every day. I do try. Some days I only eat once or twice because I don’t feel like cooking. I make myself walk to the mailbox daily. I have a garden wagon and a ramp to move my groceries from the car to the house. I feel blessed with all I have. Standing in line is rough, though. When I use the electric cart at the store I get those looks, ESP. when I get off the cart to get something, so I usually just walk. I have some bulbs to plant. I am waiting for a ‘good’ day, then I will take my Mom’s old walker to the flowerbed so I can get back up. I must have support and have often crawled across the yard or the floor to get to support. People are too quick to judge others, ESP judging fat people.

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