Can Fibromyalgia kill you?

My neighbor (adopted family) died yesterday(May 5th,2013). She lived with Fibromyalgia for 34 years.

The cause of death; Heart Attack.

I can guarantee the list of causes leading to her death won’t list Fibromyalgia, CFS, or Depression.

It will read Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Damage, COPD, Emphysema, High blood pressure, & Heart Attack.

Cleo used to love the outside; planting flowers, feeding the birds, fishing and going to the casino.

However, the past three years she stopped.  Her chair became her home.  She stopped cooking “real meals”.  She spent day and night in her chair.It was such a struggle to get her to attend even a doctor’s appointment.

She had given up the fight. The cycle had begun and she wouldn’t fight it.  Her husband, sister and myself all tried.  I would ask her to go swimming~remind her that moving would help her eventually.

Little by little she lost her ability to do the things she used to love and the last weeks – her body had loss all muscle tone and strength to even use the walker to get up out of her chair.

The cycle ~ we all know so well ~ pain, no sleep, depression; more pain, less or sleeping all the time due to the depression.

I am in one of the most severe flares that I have experienced.  Not the longest (yet) but certainly the most painful.

My Monday’s routine is to wake up, drop our Daughter off at school and go swimming. I did not want to go.  I wanted to stay in my bed.  Thankfully, I have a gently pushing family that “make” me go swimming.

I am always promoting that we MUST BE ACTIVE physically and mentally.I know that it works.  But there are days like today when the pain is so strong that it takes over the your mind. It is so very hard to fight.

This pain that I am experiencing today – she was experiencing every day of her life. I understand why she felt like giving up. I know that when I hit a flare; I don’t want to move or eat. I forget and let the anxiety of the fog and pain take over my mind & body.It takes sleep, food and swimming(moving of some kind) to help me get through it.

Fibromyalgia, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Kidney Damage, COPD, Emphysema, High Blood Pressure & Heart Attacks

What do they all have in common?  They all have the same ways to help prevent them.

Eat a healthy balanced diet, Stay physically active, don’t smoke and reduce stress.

~ Keep Moving ~

“Regular physical activity that is performed on most days of the week reduces the risk of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death in the United States.

• Reduces the risk of dying prematurely. • Reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease. • Reduces the risk of developing diabetes. • Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. • Helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure. • Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer. • Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. • Helps control weight. • Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. • Helps older adults become stronger and better able to move about without falling. • Promotes psychological well-being.”

It should be no surprise to us that the list of common treatments for Fibromyalgia, include exercise, physical therapy, medication, relaxation, stress reduction and healthy eating.Remember the question;  Can Fibromyalgia kill you?The correct answer is no.It certainly feels like it will some days or you may feel like you want it to.  There are lots of studies showing the growing number of suicides by those with Fibromyalgia.Another article states;  “The higher rate of accidental death may seem odd, but it does make sense in light of certain fibromyalgia symptoms.  We tend to be clumsy, and our cognitive dysfunction (fibro fog) may make it dangerous for us to drive.Also, accidental overdose can happen due to forgetfulness, desperation or both.”It is so important to me that if you can remember anything about this entry;I want you to remember that if you let Fibro and its evil sidekicks win ~ if you don’t fight it ~ if you don’t eat healthy, find ways to reduce anxiety and relax your body; and most important – MOVE – KEEP MOVING it can lead to diseases that will KILL YOU.

If you had the choice or chance to live and not die would you do what it takes?


I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life
In Loving Memory of a dear neighbor; Cleo ~ forever in our hearts.

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20 thoughts on “Can Fibromyalgia kill you?”

  1. I am truly sorry for your loss. The only thing I can think of to say is at least she is no longer suffering..

    Your words ring true in my mind – this time last year I was barely mobile due to a highly physical job causing me to flare incessantly, and I thought I’d be stuck in the never-ending agony. I quit the job, I moved to London and got myself an office job. I love my job dearly and even though I do have days where the agony is unbearable, myself, my boyfriend and my family can all see the change in me. The commute I have to do daily, whilst exhausting, has made me mobile again. I can go out and enjoy parts of life again. I’m happier in myself, I’m more confident and most of all, I know I can kick fibro in the ass and live life by my rules, not by fibro’s.

    Thank you <3

    1. Fantastic. That’s why I call us Fibro Warriors~Living Life. We are not going to stop living our lives, we just may need change how we do it.

  2. I’m sorry for your loss also. It’s so scary that I sound a lot like her. I also have my chair and everybody knows it’s mine. I spend more time in it than anywhere else. I have high blood pressure and almost diabetes and am losing muscle tone. When I’m not in my chair I’m on my bed. I had a hard day today mentally, but am trying to move into town so I too can go swimming and get out more. My husband is willing to drive 1 hour during his lunch to pick me up so I can get into town, but I hate bothering him. He is worn out from helping me. I am going to print this out and show him and try to look at it everyday. Thank you Melissa. You may be a life saver.

  3. Cleo has left a lasting impact… A motivation for those of us to suffer.. To move and fight and TRY every day… Her spirit will help us all remember those lessons we MUST learn to continue to survive… Thoughts and a candle lit for her and for you Melissa…

  4. Thank you to all of you. She has indeed left an impact on my life as well. I had mentioned to my support group that I hated to take her off of our group. They offered a great suggestion; I am going to post a pic and a short bio for us to all remember to keep the fight going.

  5. Thank you for sharing. Now I know I’m not alone. Having trouble finding a doctor. They charge more for chronic pain. I hate the drug abusers that have made it so hard for me to get pain meds. The medical community makes me feel like I’m seeking drugs. I cry from the pain, I cry because my quality of life is no more and I cry because I can’t find a doctor whom believes me. Honestley have thought about suicide but I would not do that to my mother and son. I’m tired of being called lazy and crazy. I hate this damn disease that has destroyed my life!

  6. Hi ladies, My mother has fibro. She has had it for 10 years or so. I am very worried about her she has not been able to walk very well she is wobbling all over the place and at times she even passes out! If any one could please help me with some answers on if this is normal symptom from fibro? Would be very grateful on any advice. Thank you

  7. Losing balance is a symptom of Fibro. I would be concerned with the passing out. Something like that should be addressed by a doctor. Does she use a cane or a walker?

  8. I am 30 miles from an indoor swimming pool. We have a above ground pool I use almost every day as soon as it gets a little bit warm. The college has the indoor pool and it is available for use, but I hate the long drive there and back three times a week.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about how to heat an above ground pool during the winter. I live in the south. My pool is not freezing. I would only have to heat it 20 to 30 degrees.

    I feel so much better when I am swimming regularly.

    Right now I am regressing. We have been trying to figure out a way to heat our pool, but just can’t seem to get something to work.

    I would appreciate any help.

    Alice Crane

    1. Alice, sorry for the late reply. I don’t know of any way to heat the pool. I wish I did. I haven’t been in the pool all winter and I can tell the difference. Hope with the weather you are feeling better.

  9. I have been told so many different things regarding my ongoing pain and my depression.i live a very lonely life. I struggle everyday. I am low income so i can’t afford to go to a pool. Im only 46 and i feel so old. My weight has gone up and i dont even want to get up in the morning.i dont sleep well due to my pain. I cry every day and night. I left my family my boys because i didn’t want them to see me in pain and constantly crying. I need help. No medication has worked for me. I miss the old arlean and now i just pray that i dont wake up.

  10. I have fibromyalgia and I just started taking a natural amino acid supplement called D-Phenylalanine that really helps my pain. If it helps me I swear it can help anyone! D-phenylalanine actually increases your body’s natural painkillers (endorphins) to reduce pain naturally. It really does work!! It also increases dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain which in turn helps you to have more energy and feel more alert! Norepinephrine is what adrenaline (aka epinephrine) is made out of. You can’t buy D-Phenylalanine in stores (none that I know of anyhow), you have to order it online. I bought my bottle on eBay because it was the cheapest I could find. The brand I take is called “Doctor’s Best D-Phenyalanine”. Good luck. 🙂

  11. I am sorry for you’re loss. I definley know what you’re talking about. I myself suffer since 2000 with it. Just like you said all those of health issues goes with it.

  12. I have fibromyalgia I don’t think I can take it anymore I can barely walk I can step up in my back door without help I sit in a chair most of the day the pain is so bad all I can do is cry and that is after taking pain pills I don’t know what to do my family is the ones suffering

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