whoa there   I think one of the overused new slang words has to be TMI;   The definition listed in the onslang dictionary says; “Used when someone says something that’s a little bit too personal for the current circumstance; when someone tells you something you didn’t need to know and especially would rather have not known; etc.”

In very simple words; TMI = Too much information.

I have and continue to be very open about having Fibromyalgia and the 12 evil sidekicks. I will say it in a matter of fact statement.

Why not? It is what it is.

In most cases it is because I am being unusually slow doing something, like walking, using a calculator, picking something up, not being able to remember something or having difficult saying a complete thought without mixing up or missing a word. They might expect this behaviour of a 92 year old but not someone of my age.

This spring we had three family members pass away in a very short time.  I took it really hard. One was my great Uncle altho I didn’t see him much was one of my biggest supporters of my writing. Another had lived with for Fibromyalgia an it’s evil sidekicks for 30 years. Over the past five years she had given up the fight.

Struggling with my daily life and trying to deal with the losses was creating such extreme pain and depression leaing to one of my worst flares ever. The lack of sleep, pain and fog was making it difficult to fight off the flare.

I didn’t feel like a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life.   I felt defeated.

I was having so many memory problems.  It wasn’t the type of memory problem where you forget where you put your keys. This was important daily tasks and having trouble staying awake and concentrating. It scared me.  I was a mess.

I called my Mom in tears telling her about it and that I had been writing about it in my support group, facebook page and blog.  Her reply was that “maybe you shouldn’t tell everyone everything.” At first I do like I always do and take what my Mom says to heart.  Maybe she was right.  I mean maybe it would come back to hurt me somehow.  I always worry about my Corporate office reading my page or blog and deciding that maybe I can’t do my job anymore.  Even tho I know that is not the case.

I usually write about the struggles of trying to balance work, marriage, friendships, being a mom to a13 year old and life in general while dealing with all of my medical issues of Fibromyalgia an it’s evil sidekicks.

I write not only as therapy for myself but to let other Fibromites know they are not alone, so that other friends and family understand what I am going through without me talking about it all the time. It is something that I want my daughter to read when she is older. I hope it helps her understand why I had to make various decisions. I pray she doesn’t ever get diagnosed with any of this but if she does I will be able to give her a copy of my journey and experiences helping to educate her land let her know it isn’t in her head and she is not alone.

I sat down the evening after talking to my Mom to read my FB page and the support groups. I have over 4600 likes on my Facebook page where I post positive encouraging words and information about Fibro an it’s evil sidekicks.

At the same time I think I understand how my Mom feels.

Her an previous generations would never consider airing their dirty laundry in public.  They wouldn’t think of telling strangers about their family member who is thought of as a hypochondriac or how they spend most of their life in a bed or chair.

After being diagnosed I wanted to able to tell others look I do have something that is real. I began researching Fibro and had the “ah ha” moment. It finally made sense. I could see where from the age of 18 I had been experiencing or treating so many of the symptoms.

Thank goodness for those who were willing to tell what others consider “TMI”. I don’t know how I would have gotten to where I am today without the support and information from Online support groups and pages with people willing to “air their dirty laundry” to help the newbees. They gave me such comfort, validation, treatment options. These people are willing to share their personal struggles and successes, offering an ear, shoulder and suggestions to other who may not be receiving that from their family, friends or co-workers.

I wanted to repay the kindness of others.  I want to continually educate myself an others.  We are not professional counselors or medical professionals but in most case we have more to offer having personally. We have been there tried that and better yet we are free.

I always encourage others to see their Doctor, Therapist, Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, etc. If they dont help you keep trying to find someone that does help.

Thanks to others sharing online I have tried acupuncture, cupping reiki, certain medications and supplements and changed my attitude (most of the time) that have all been successful for me.

It is obvious after reading this post that when it comes to my approach to being a Fibro Warrior ~Living Life there can never be TMI shared about Fibromyalgia and it’s evil sidekicks.

Keep Sharing, Keep Learing, Keep Fighting!

I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life


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2 thoughts on “TMI?”

  1. Thank you for sharing..I was diagnosed 2 months ago and I am 47 years old with 2 children ages 13 and 11 and a husband. I guess my case is mild compared to some..I do have pain every day..frequent headaches..and exhaustion. I work full time and have recently started my research. .I have decided against meds except my 600mg of motrin. I have been linking things thst have been happening to me with the fibro..its like a light bulb going on..any suggestions are helpful.

    1. If you go back to the first entry of my blog it might help see the progress from the wth to now. Also, joining some good online support groups are a great idea. Have you been to my facebook page yet?

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