The ME TOO Disease – Don’t catch it!

encourage one another

Once diagnosed I went online looking for answers to my questions.  I was looking for suggestions, treatments, ideas but most of all I needed to get support from those who have been there, done that and are still living it.

I joined many support groups and pages and felt relief seeing others post about the same things that I was experiencing.  They were talking about their pain, fatigue, frustration, their symptoms/syndromes & diseases.

I don’t remember how many groups I have joined over the past 4 years. I have found some very positive supportive group/pages.  However, I have found just as many groups that the posts were so negative.  I have left many groups because of the thing I call the “ME TOO” disease.  A member would post a question or a comment.  Other members would begin to add comments and this is where I would see it happen. The “ME TOO” disease. It almost felt like they were trying to one up the person who had made the original post.  The more I read these posts the worse I would feel.  I started thinking more negatively.  I was worrying about what if’s?, what’s next? creating the worst scenarios that could happen. I would comment on another members post and if I wasn’t “jumping on the band wagon” by agreeing and complaining I would be ignored or quickly corrected.

The “ME TOO” Disease is extremely contagious and in a short amount of time it can spread quickly amongst friends.

I eventually found that I wasn’t alone.  It happened one person at a time.  I met others who were looking for the same thing that I wanted. We were looking for a support group/page where people felt free to talk about the medical side of the illness and also how it made us feel without judgement.  We wanted a place where we would feel comfortable to vent, cry, complain or celebrate an accomplishment without having someone else Jump on board with the “ME TOO” Disease.  We were looking for validation, suggestions, ideas and ear and shoulder of a fellow Fibromite.

It isn’t just in support groups where you can see the “ME TOO” Disease spread.  I have seen it happen in places of work and on sports teams.  In our situation however that kind of negativity can lead to severe depression leading to more  pain.

We join these groups looking for others that when we say how we are feeling this way or have been diagnosed with that they will reply ME TOO! 

However, more important than the ME TOO! is the I DO!
Do you have any exercise that work? I DO!
Do you have a list of successful medications/treatments? I DO!
Do you have something that keeps it from reoccurring? I DO!

alone we can do so much
If you are a member of a group and see a post where someone is crying out in distress, pain and/or depression;

  • Show understanding
  • Give encouragement
  • Offer suggestions
  • Be Positive
  • If someone says that they are a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life  Reply;  ME TOO!warrior

I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life!


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6 thoughts on “The ME TOO Disease – Don’t catch it!”

  1. Me too! I am fairly new and am still waiting to see a pain specialist and continue to test for the best pain relief, and other meds. I also have chronic fatigue. I then hope to beagle to reach a level that I can maintain some sort of comfort . My husband has been incredible support and helps me every way he can.ill keep fighting and maybe someday we will win!
    Gentle hugs and goodnite
    From Deb and her weiner dogs!

  2. hey. I actually stopped visiting blogs and fibro forums after reading for a bit due to the negativity and ‘one upping’. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago after I started having muscle spasms, knots etc after I had brain surgery for a cyst that had formed in the pineal gland in my brain that was causing sudden onset migraines. I also have Osteoarthritis, lots of back issues. The boards and forums I visited were filled with victim mentality. At that time I was still able to exercise, and though I can’t now I am still on intermittent fmla and still working as much as I can. The people were then were telling me I wasnt “that bad” if I could still work, if I could still do yoga etc. Very unsupportive… and very negative. Alot of complaints about doctors not giving them pain meds, and anger that my doctors were giving me shots and narcotic meds. It was really a nightmare. I simply left every board and have had no online support. I’ve recently found a few blogs to follow. I hope this will be one of them.

    1. Barb,
      I hope that this will be a blog that you will want to follow as well. My facebook page is a positive site as well. Please message me regarding a support group.

  3. We got together & formed our own group on facebook after being told off for chatting & joking too much on the wall in a fibro group. They wanted it to be all gloomy & miserable all the time. Don’t sit back & wait, if you’ve met even one other like minded person form your own group. Its free, nothing is stopping you 🙂

Looking forward to hearing your comments!