Do you feel lucky?

Do you feel Lucky?
Do you feel Lucky?

I was asked the other day “Do you feel lucky?”  I thought about it for only a second.  I said,”yes, I do”.

I then proceeded to answer the question in detail. “I am lucky to have my family and friends.”

“You know about my health issues, most people can say that they have their family, friends and health.”

“I have wonderful family & friends, Two out of Three aren’t bad.”  LOL

“Most of the people who have my health condition would not say that they are lucky.

I do. I really do think that I am lucky to have acquired all of these illnesses.

I have found a strength that I did not know that I had in me, I have become much more positive,

I appreciate the little things.

I was fortunate to be with and hold my Grandma’s hand when she left us last November.

So yes, I do feel very lucky.”

Have you ever been asked that question?

Take a moment and think about it.

Would I like to be rid of Fibro and it’s evil sidekicks? ~ Heck Yes, Of course I do.

However, I have had so many positive things happen in my life because of the struggles of  being diagnosed with Fibro.

  • I have developed a better relationship with my family.
  • I continue to meet wonderful people around the world many who have become my friends.
  • Quite a few are the kind of friends that become lifelong friends, in fact, family.
  • I have learned more about my family medical history.
  • I have learned to stand up for my own health and have become my own health advocate.
  • I have had to research and educate myself on what types of Doctors test or treat different symptoms.
  • I have learned to be positive when facing the darkest days and sleepless painful nights.
  • I have become the type of role model I want to be for my Daughter.
  • I want her to see that when faced with adversity, whether it be pain, frustration, medical bills or being diagnosed with more evil sidekicks that it will get better.

My Dad told me recently that he is proud of me. He said you really did take lemons and turned them into lemonade.Lemons-lemonade

I have always loved to write having Fibro has given me a reason, a purpose to write.

I also have always been a person who wanted to fix everything or everyone.

I can’t fix my fellow Fibromites but I hope that through my Facebook page &  Blog that I am able to give them positive motivational support, helpful tips or treatments, medical news updates and examples of how having Fibromyalgia does not mean you stop living your life.


I am a Fibro Warrior ~ Living Life.


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4 thoughts on “Do you feel lucky?”

  1. I’ve read that luck is about living with your eyes open so that you can see the opportunities around you and grab them. I think of myself as lucky, as so many times in life I’ve literally stumbled into happiness, or money, or whatever. I hate Fibro, but I still love my life.

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