PillSuite is SWEET!


I was excited when the PillSuite box arrived at my house.  I love new ways to organize things and I didn’t even have to go searching for the right size & amount of batteries needed. I opened up the box and when I saw the sorter I honestly did not think that the compartments in the sorter would be big enough to hold all of my prescriptions & supplements.

pill sorter
The kit contained 400 “Suite” packets, a sorter and a sealer (batteries included).

It arrived just in time for me to get my medications & supplements ready for a weekend trip to my parents house.  I usually fill my morning, noon and night week containers and then have to put masking tape over them before I pack them so that I do not have medicine all over my bags.


Disclosure: “I have been given [this product] as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

How do you use your PillSuite system?

Step 1: Sort your pills (AM or PM) into the seven compartments of the sorter.

Step 2: Place one of the plastic packets over the funnel on the sorter. Tip the sorter sideways and the pills will flow easily into the plastic packets. Label the packet.

Step 3: Finally, using the sealer to seal the pill packet closed and you are done!


Why use PillSuite? 



It is a time saver.  You can sort more than just one week at a time.

Prior to using PillSuite I would have to sit down once a week and sort my pills into 2 different containers.  There were so many times when my 7 p.m. medicine reminder would go off and I would find that I had forgotten to sort my medicine.  Since using PillSuite I now sort 3 weeks at a time keeping the A.M. pill packets in one ziplock bag and my P.M. packets in another.



The packets make it easy to take exactly the pills you need.  It makes it so much easier than carrying all of the pill bottles in my bag. I can simply put a packet in my purse or even easier my pocket.  I have filled some of the packets with single doses of Advil, Midol and pain medications to have with me just in case.

When traveling you do not have to take all of your medication with you.  Even airlines are allowing passengers to travel without the medication being in the original container.

No more masking tape.  I always had to tape my medicine containers so that they would not accidentally open leading to loose pills in my bag. I have broken many containers trying to take off the tape and open just one day at a time.

The packets are biodegradable and  have perforated edges that make it very easy to tear open the packet.


I found the instructions were very easy to follow.  It took me awhile to get the hang of placing the bag on the funnel of the sorter and sliding the medication into the bag but after completing my first week it had become very easy.

I wanted to see if it would be easy for others so I asked a few people to try it for me.  They had the same experience that I did. It took a little time but then it was very easy to do.  It might be a bit difficult for someone with arthritis or shaky hands.

However, I think that it is a great way for someone who is a caregiver. They can easily sort and label the medication with the date & time it needs to be taken. The packets are easier to open than the plastic medicine containers. I found it was easier for me to label the packets before putting the pills in them.

I have now been using the PillSuite system for over a month and I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to try this product.  I have officially tossed the plastic containers and plan on continuing to use PillSuite.  Find out more about PillSuite at http://www.pillsuite.com/.


PillSuite is easy, convenient and portable. 

PillSuite is SWEET!





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2 thoughts on “PillSuite is SWEET!”

  1. Just received my Pill Suite. Just prepared week worth of Meds. Took 5 minutes! For travel this would be perfect. No more bottles. If you need to take Meds at different intervals during day, these could slip into any convenient space, purse, wallet, belly bag, glove box for emergencies. Anywhere! Subtle and small packets. No bigger than large sugar packet. So your pill regimen does not need to be too public. Dealing packet takes 1 second. That is it! I thought, oh geeze, I’ll have to stand there sealing them forever but no. Includes batteries. Who does that? Very very pleased.

  2. Looks like a great thing to have, but is it really legal to travel without your original prescription bottles? I asked my local police and they said if I had prescription medications with me they had to be in the prescription bottles. Wish there was a way around this! Maybe there is and I haven’t found out about it!

Looking forward to hearing your comments!