Review: Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream

Mo's dream cream I have been using Mo’s Dream Cream pain relieving lotion and No Mo Pain Stick for a month.

“Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream is made from a homemade, fermented capsaicin paste combined with essential oils and vitamins. Among them are Clove, Wintergreen, Orange and Tangerine essential oils. This combination over-stimulates the nerves, which is a natural way of deadening the nerve endings and is extremely combative against pain!”


I have to admit my first reaction when opening the bottle was it is VERY orange and has a strong smell. I learned that the capsaicin in the lotion is made from cayenne pepper that gives it the orange color but a slight warm feeling.

Also, that the smell is clove, which is much nicer than smelling like Icy Hot or any of the other medicated warming lotions I have tried.


Based on what other customers have experienced, they estimate that you can expect the following results with Mo’s Dream Cream:

Pain Type Pain Relief* Longevity*
Fibromyalgia/planter fasciitis 1 – 2 minutes 8 – 10 hours
Muscle cramping (restless leg/menstrual/nausea) 1 – 2 minutes 8 – 10 hours
Nerve/Muscle (general body aches) 2 – 3 minutes 8 – 10 hours
Bone/tendon pain (i.e. arthritis) 4 – 5 minutes 6 – 8 hours
Congestion (allergies/colds) 4 – 5 minutes 6 – 8 hours

Disclosure: “I have been given [this product] as part of a product review. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

I always love the story behind the product and this has to be one of my favorites.

About Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream

Here’s a note from the creator of Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream, Keri Anderson:

Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream was created out of desperation to find pain relief without the use of harmful drugs. After contracting bacterial spinal meningitis, the high fever left me with extensive nerve and muscle damage (Dystonia and Erythromyalgia). I spent 12 years dependent on a wheelchair and in critical physical pain 24/7. The harsh pain meds I was on (including morphine & methadone) left me unable to even remember my children’s names! I was not willing to trade my life for the minimal pain relief I was getting.

I heartily began to study apothecary and Chinese herbology. Over a four-year period of time, I eventually ended up with what is now Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream, named after our chocolate lab (you guessed it – Mo-hogany Dreams) who cared for and watched over me during my formidable ‘wheelchair years’. When Mo began aging, he developed hip dysplasia. We used the lotion on him also and he could run like a pup again! Mo Passed away in 2014, and we aptly named the lotion after him!

My Opinion

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 19 other “evil sidekicks”. Myofascial Pain Syndrome is what causes me the most pain. I applied the cream before going to bed to my lower back where my pain is the highest.  If you were in the house you knew that I had put it on but the smell did dissipate after some time. It was a nice warm sensation and did relieve the pain.

In the past I have used just about every topical pain reliever you can find at the store. They have all worked for me for a few months or even a year. After that the product would either stop working or I would develop a severe red very hot rash when it was applied.  

I had hopes that this natural product that has been so helpful for so many would have a long lasting positive effect on me. However, after a month of using it my body has reacted in a brand new way. Even with the bottle tightly closed sitting on a side table next to me the cayenne pepper was too much for me.  My eyes, nose and throat began to burn. I had not even touched the bottle. My body has just decided to become sensitive to something new. 

In addition to Mo-Hoganys’ Dream Cream I  was sent the No Mo Pain Stick to try. It is very easy to use and is still working great for me. They also have “Mo Bath Salts Please for relaxing, soak-away pain relief!” I would like to give it a try.

I love the idea of something natural and inexpensive. I still recommend trying Mo’s Dream Cream despite my reaction.

I always tell others that what doesn’t work for one person could be “the right stuff” for someone else.

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