Success with Oska Pulse!

Looking to reduce your pain without medications? Would you like an easy to use simple device that can be worn without anyone knowing you are using it? No known side effects. Made in the USA. No batteries. No electrodes and patches to replace or adhere to your body.

I found it!

Before I could receive the Oska Pulse, I was scheduled to speak with the business development manager, Andrew Cross.

During our call, Andrew shared the history of Oska Wellness. I am always fascinated by origin stories and they have a great one. An early model of the Oska Pulse was used to help a Koala named Oscar recover from being orphaned and caught in a wildfire.

Not only did we talk about Oscar the Koala, but we also talked about the science behind the device and how to use it. Andrew explained how it works and shared several success stories.

“Oska is a wearable pain-relief remedy developed to reduce muscle stiffness and inflammation, help ease chronic pain and increase mobility through its proprietary eTec technology. It optimizes pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), allowing people to live a more active, pain-free lifestyle. It’s small (the size of a cell phone and just as light), portable, drug free and has no side effects. To ensure the finest quality control, it’s made in the USA.

Oska’s unique method of delivery mimics the electrical currents we produce naturally. Decades of research has shown that PEMF signals pass through bone and all other tissue virtually unaltered, opening cells to receive more nutrients and oxygen, more effectively removing waste products. Oska was designed to address specific areas of the body, especially the major joints most susceptible to injury or degenerative issues.

Oska uses a unique delivery method called “Sequential Protocol Programming,” four frequencies specifically related to muscle ease, bone repair, capillary dilation and pain reduction. By helping to release the body’s natural endorphins, Oska helps reduce pain, promoting increased range of motion. By dilating blood vessels, it reduces inflammation. The increased oxygen rich blood flow promotes muscle recovery.”

Read more on their facebook page: Oska Wellness

Andrew and I discussed where my worse pain levels were located and decided on a plan. I would first wear it on my lower back for 5 days using it 3-5 times a day. The longer you have experienced pain or the worse your pain is the more you may have to use it before you will see results. I was also told to make sure to drink plenty of water when using the Oska Pulse, this will help the body with recovery.

When the box arrived I found the Oska Pulse device, a compression wrap, a USB charger, a travel charger, and a user manual. It is 5.25 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.25 inches (13.3cm x 8.9cm x 3.2cm) in size, and weighs 2.12 ounces (60 grams).

The lightweight device can be worn by itself or place it in the included adjustable velcro compression strap which can be position the device near the problem area. The device can be worn comfortably under or over your clothing. When OSKA Pulse is on it emits a blue light around the product and runs for 30 minutes at a time. It beeps to let you know it’s turned off and you need to hit the button again.

I live my life daily trying to find the right balance, the right treatments to help lessen the pain and reduce the inflammation. Oska Pulse mimics the natural electric signals produced by the body to promote recovery. They have found that in over 70% of cases it dramatically reduces pain and inflammation. For me that was reason enough to give it a try.

I have used various devices trying to find something to relieve the pain. I have had success with a tens unit but Oska Pulse is not like a tens unit.

Without even having put it on I had high hopes for it being better than the tens unit. There are no sticky patches, wires, electrodes or batteries hanging down or having to be replaced. It doesn’t have to be placed on an exact site. It just needs to be in the general area of the pain.

I decided to wear it while at work which involves both sitting and walking. I placed it on my lower back over a blouse with a light sweater over it which did make it slightly visible. I did not feel anything while it was on. No tingling. No pulsing. The kids at school got a kick out of the fact that Mrs. Swanson was “glowing”. I found how much easier it was going to the bathroom while wearing the Oska Pulse than my tens unit with all of its wires.

The first few days I did not do a great job of turning it back on. The kids started telling me if I didn’t have the glowing blue light. After a week I began to hear the beep that would go off when the device was going to shut off and I would reach around push the on button. I did not notice anything different the first few days but after a week I began to see a real difference. I decided after a couple of weeks to try it on my knee. I was pleasantly surprised at how much better my knee felt.

My experience has been very positive and I am definitely recommending this product.

BUT…. (there is always a but)…

OSKA Pulse is what I consider expensive ($399) but when I think about how much I spend each month on supplements, prescriptions, lotions, etc. It really isn’t that much.

OSKA Pulse should not be used if your are pregnant, breastfeeding, if you have an implant made from magnetic materials at the site of your pain, or if you are currently being treated with chemotherapy.

As with any treatments the results of the pain relief vary from one person to another.


OSKA offers a 90-day money back guarantee so there’s really no risk to you. If you get it and it doesn’t work just send it back.

It’s battery has a long life; only charged once since I have received the product.

It has been a wonderful addition to my arsenal of tools to use against fibromyalgia and it’s “evil sidekicks.”

Learn more about the OSKA Pulse and order here

Also, if you use code: FIBROWARRIOR when you order you can save $55

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