Kickin’ the sugar habit!

Everyone has their “go to” food when feeling down. Mine is not only what makes me happy but what creates body pain. Sugar. It starts in the morning with a large chai tea from the gas station and when I wake in the middle of the night. I am not hungry it has just become a pattern. I eat sugar foods when I am feeling tired or depressed.

I have decided to start a 21 day sugar detox program. This isn’t the first time that I have gone off sugar. It was not easy but the results were so worth it. It showed on the outside because I lost weight and inches but that wasn’t the best outcome. My daily body aches, pains decreased and less fatigue. I stopped eating healthy and added my sugar when my Grandma became ill and was in hospice. I would sit by her bedside as she slept eating out of a can of whipped vanilla frosting.

I am working with a Lifestyle Coach. It may seem strange that as a Fibromyalgia Advisor I would need a coach. Everyone needs support from others who are trained in helping in specialized areas.

Am I looking forward to it? No, It is not going to be easy but I am ready to make a change. Stay tuned to see my daily posts during the 21 day sugar detox program.

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