The Pain Companion by Sarah Anne Shockley


The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain 
by Sarah Anne Shockley et al. 

Sarah Anne Shockley does an amazing job of describing the struggles of living with chronic pain. At times, for me it was emotional to read because she described exactly how I have felt. It allowed me to acknowledge my feelings and gave me ways to address and overcome them.

She writes about the “deep frustration”…”extreme pain”… intense emotional challenges and the stress of “very reduced financial situations” she has faced by sharing her journey as a chronic pain patient.

The Pain Companion offers techniques and approaches to living with and managing chronic pain and the emotional experiences that accompany living in physical pain.

I recommend this book to not only those living with chronic pain but to their friends & family who want to understand what it is like to live a life in chronic pain.




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