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Related imageI was asked if I would be willing to receive and review Village Natural products. Village Naturals makes bath & body products for those living with aches & pains. I received a box that included Mineral Bath Soak, Hand & Body Lotion & Enhanced Foaming Soak from their Muscle Relief Aches & Pains line.

I had seen their products at Wal-Mart but had not tried any of them yet. I regret not trying them sooner.

“Village Naturals Therapy bath & body products are infused with a powerful blend of essential oils, extracts and menthol to soothe sore muscles, relax the body and soften the skin. Feel the difference and feel like yourself again.
Cooling Menthol provides fast-acting relief
Epsom Salt & Dead Sea Salt eases sore muscles
Concentrated Formulas mean a little goes a long way”


I have tried a lot of different bath soaks to help with the achy feeling that I get with fibromyalgia and I can honestly say that this is the best one I have found.

I have been taking long soaks in the tub using both the Mineral Bath Soak and the Enhanced Foaming Soak. I have felt significantly more relaxed and energized.

The bath soaks do have a strong menthol smell but the smell does not remain on you after the bath.

The Aches + Pains Muscle Relief products combine eucalyptus, spearmint, & menthol creating a cooling sensation that helps sooth and relieve aching muscles.

The Hand & Body lotion aroma is quite strong and I can not use it very often due to smell sensitivities however I do like how I feel after using it.

I am very pleased with their products and plan on keeping them a part of my “self-care routine.

Inexpensive, affordable, available at Village Naturals Therapy, Walmart. Target, Amazon and a MUST for anyone living with chronic aches & pains.

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