Ouchie ~ Don´t Hurt Alone



Rachel Trobman, who lives with chronic pain herself created the #Ouchieapp to help pain patients self-manage their pain and feel better, faster.

How does it work?

Start with creating a pain journey, find friends, access content, and work towards unlocking achievements.

¨The app offers people with chronic conditions a way to track their treatments, set goals, interact with a supportive community, and find resources. Users also can get rewarded for their daily accomplishments with gift cards and other prizes. The more achievements you unlock, the more prizes you can win.¨

#donthurtalone with Ouchie, the mobile companion for chronic pain management.

Want to get early access to the latest features and have the chance to win prizes? Join their beta testing program at https://www.ouchie.com/beta


what hurts and what treatments work, your mood, sleep, medication usage, goals, and more. Self management improves results and reduces unnecessary office visits and hospitalization.


with doctors, resources, and fellow patients. Reduced isolation and peer confirmation improves adoption and adherence.


gift cards and other rewards for recording your progress, supporting others, reaching goals, and unlocking achievements. Reward-based programs leads to better outcomes.


what you can do, what’s being researched, and where to go. Shared decision making increases rates of compliance with treatment regimens.

#donthurtalone with the #ouchieapp.


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